women in christian louboutin high heels

“I’m spending all your cash” was my first time ever trying to rap much less putting together this whole song in 24 hours. I wasn’t expecting for it to be so much fun, its addicting! So I’m really just following my fun.

“I’m spending all your cash” is about the many man slaves I have “pimped out” and I use the term very loosely because they all paid for the experience and it was all VERY consensual – hey don’t judge, maybe your fantasy isn’t to be pimped out by a hot woman where she gets all the cash and you get all the ***** BUT A LOT of men have exactly this fetish or fantasy – Its a way for them to feel safe and “okay” about acting out on homosexual fantasies. To them it makes them feel better about the acts of gay sex if it was “forced” by a hot Female, to perform such acts.

Yes everyone should feel comfortable to express themselves and be gay or bisexual if they want to BUT not everyone feels that safe or comfortable so fortunately they have an outlet in the form of this song or some of my other “male pimping” content that allows them to have an experience that satisfies their need for a man and also the presence of a $exy lady 😉

This track and like all my others is about Female Domination and male slavery.