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The goal is to have one iTunes quality album ON iTunes! I don’t think getting that done should be that hard and even if it is so what, I’m having so much fun making music that its hardly “work” at all.

WOW so much work and money goes into making music.

at first I was using my Yeti mic which I thought was good enough but I could tell after I was done with track 01 “spending ll your cash” that I needed something to help with the quality. Woohoo I remembered my ex was friends with this guy who produced 2 tracks for Wu Tang and so I decided to FaceBook him and let him hear my song – yes thats right, let this guy who has produced music for WU Tang hear my track. He had a giggle like everyone does when they first hear “Im spending all your cash” but said it was good and gave some good feedback.

I recieved great advice and one of the things suggested was to get my condenser mic which I did of course. The effects of the new mic and some music “mastering” tips he gave me you can hear how the quality from tracks 01 and 03 (Im spending all your cash (01) and Its so easy(03)) had skyrocketed and went from poor quality to 95% being iTunes ready. Thats pretty good improvement.

However its not enough because its really hard to control the environment at home and without a recording booth its literally impossible to produce an iTunes quality album. Its everything you can think of, the air conditioning or heat turning on, the cats moewing, the laptop you forgot to mute, wind, rain, cars out side, how much stuff is in the room which changes the sound totally and even where you had the mic and so many other factors can drastically change your vocals – Just moving 6 inches to the right can produce a sound so different that its better if you start over, again for matching vocals.

Femdom Girly Rap Music

My solution has been to make a make-shift recording booth which works pretty well however – I want to record at least part of the album in the studio. I just think the quality of the finished work is something Ill be proud of and since this is just fun for me really, why not follow my fun and have the performer experience haha


Even though my tracks are not for sale on iTunes yet, they are for sale on some other platforms and purchasing my tracks though not 100% iTunes quality yet, it supports my music costs when you buy, share and donate towards my projects.

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